Makeup Routine.

Ok- so who is a stickler for sticking to a routine with their makeup in fear of more breakouts? Or am I the only one???? NO? ok, good……Lately, I have been learning the basics of what fits my skin, and what doesn’t break me out because my skin is SO SO dry and sensitive so I need to know the best things for my skin. My sister has gotten me some Younique makeup for Christmas, so I have been using their liquid foundation and primer. My eyeshadow pallet is of course, Urban Decay Naked Pallet. Love my pinks! My eyeliner choice has definitely changed, I suck at eyeliner. My mom got me some from Ulta, and it was Smashbox. I tried to put some on today, and you can’t even see it. So that is that….. Any tips would be gladly appreciated. I have yet to find a lipstick I love……I have tried Mac, local ones and even just going to Target and nothing really sticks. The only thing that has truly stuck is my eyeshadows. That PALLET IS GOLDEN. It’s like getting the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  What is your makeup routine? What are your golden favorites? I will be doing a March favorites blog in the next two weeks, so look for that. I look forward to hearing your favorites, your routine, and your suggestions for me.



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