Over perfect.

I’m 24 today. Somehow that sinking in has taken me a moment. Life has been kind of crazy lately. I will admit, I’m not the same person I was a week ago, a month ago or even really a year ago….. Yeah, definitely not a year ago. I have learned about friendships, love, life, family, loss and how to make the best of everyday. I was trying to think about this epic blog post that I wanted to write, but then I realized the most epic of all blog posts are the ones where you are just real, raw and vulnerable to the existence of life. Yesterday was my first day off after four months of working nonstop during the week trying to make it and I have to say it was a good day. I learned about my dog, how he interacts during the day, when he sleeps, why he doesn’t eat his food…….. I learned that during the day he genuinely has missed us. All he wants is 15/7 attention. He’s a very sweet dog. He definitely makes life more fun. Before him, I would just be sitting watching tv drinking my coffee, now I’m writing blogs , playing with him, drinking my coffee and trying to keep my pants on because he LOVES to bite my leg……I think the whole time we were in the process of getting him, I had no idea how hard it would be to raise a dog. It isn’t like raising a child, but it is like raising a 3 year old who doesn’t wanna take no for an answer. I feel like no one really truly honestly sees all I do for him because they get stuck on the things I don’t do for him always. I’m learning still on how to take care of this dog. He will be upwards at about 70 pounds…… He’s 18 weeks old (almost 5 months, but I’m that mom who doesn’t just say 4 months and 2 weeks or whatever…. )  and the only bad thing about him is he continually bites my parents all the time…. He bites me but like I put him in his place when he does…. I asked the vet how to stop the biting, and he said grab his muzzle and say no bite…. WELLLLLL, we have done that since he started biting and it doesn’t work. So I googled, it said the same thing……. REALLY GOOGLE? You are suppose to have ALL  the answers! So yesterday when he started biting me I decided to see if putting him in his space aka the laundry room where he sleeps at night would help the situation, calm him down and better let him know hey we don’t bite or we go to where we go to sleep….Yesterday- was the first day so don’t get too excited…… but it did help… He really didn’t bite me much after…. So this morning he starts clawing my leg, getting my pants and boom bite on the leg…….. Straight to the pen…… He’s currently laying down, and I currently have the Sleep Playlist on spotify playing. He will probably fall asleep here soon and what happens when I type that sentence? The whole gate that I have set up falls like Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall and had a great fall…….. He is also currently licking it because he feels like it was a heaven sent that it fell, and he got out……. that is the beauty in life and we Goes to show that life is funny, eh? But now he is calm, like really calm. He is laying right beside me and not biting me……. He has to have a continuous structure or he gets frustrated. We wake up every morning no literally every morning between 6 and 7. We go to bed around 9 or 10 every night. We have a structure. Every morning he goes out…… then he comes in after being out depending on how cold it is like this morning he literally stayed out for 30-45 minutes maybe even less because it’s only 35 degrees out there. But like yesterday he stayed out for 2 hours in the morning then 2 mid morning and then from 5-8:30 but he isn’t always OUTSIDE this week. When I was working, we would put him in his pen outside if it was going to be a nice day all day long, and if it was raining or cold he would be in the laundry room all day…. But since I’m not working this week or I don’t work days anymore……. I’m devleoping a new structure that is similar but funner on his part for him to get use to. I mean this is the second day on this new strucutre, and I can already tell he is loving it. He gets to run around more, play with his toy more……. gets me more…. Life is good in the dood land… I guess my point with this blog is life is learning experience… No one has it all figured out. I read a post about what people should know how to do before their 20, and thought does the person who is writing this know how to do all this stuff…… I think that everyone has different expectations of how people should live and it doesn’t really coexist with how the actual person thinks they should live. With my dog, I want to raise him to be healthy and happy and so do my parents but we have a different version of happy and healthy. Life can get like scrambled eggs sometimes  but i think that is the beauty of life and sometimes we just need to expect that even if we ask for over easy sometmies we will get scrambled eggs that are way too burnt or too runny.  So when asking for your eggs, don’t get upset when they bring you the wrong thing or they cook it for too long. Sometimes that is how its suppose to be.





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