Does anyone else ever wonder why their dog barks at night right before bed? You feed him, you give him water, you’ve spent the whole day with him….. he’s even been out in the mud….. But yet, here he is continually barking at me like I will not go to bed and sleep good till 6 in the morning. The loudness is what keeps me aware that no matter how hard I try to please him, my mother ( because let’s face it if he continues to bark I’ll have to do something about it when I know he’s tired…… we played continuous all day…) or anyone else with my decisions for him, my life or how I do things………I will never be fully happy. I will only be happy when I stand up for myself, listen to what I need and do what I know is right for me. I’ve had the loudness in my head for a while now, but I’m finally learning what the silence is like. I love to listen to the sleep playlists Spotify has created lately. It gives me a buzz like nothing else has. It helps me create, live life and love the not silent noises around me. I’m beginning to think that all of my blogs have been about how God has shaped me as a person, how He has helped me learn to love the silence but it’s all true. Without God, this loudness wouldn’t exist. But I will say creating is my passion. Creating something to latch on to and drive towards whatever it needs to be driven to is what thrills me. I get a sense of excitement when I know that I have a really good blog planned out. Life is good, but this silence in me is even better. I don’t mind the loudness every once in a while but let’s face it; everyone loves a little silence in their life. Today has been filled of throwing bottles, balls, tennis balls & hair brushes….I also looked at a ridiculous amount of comforters that I will never afford, and I learned that my team on the voice doesn’t amount to the sparkles on Gwen’s dress she was wearing…..If you want me to continue to write daily blogs about what happens during the day ( kind of like a daily vlog but I suck at those…. I vlogged today but I probably won’t upload till the end of the week because I will say I am doing one vlog a week… LAME I KNOW!) then comment below and let me know. I would LOVE your feedback. Tomorrow morning I will be writing a pretty epic blog. Stay tuned for that, and like always- be amazing and do something for yourself. Get rid of the loudness, and tune in to the silence for once….. let me tell ya- it’s pretty amazing feeling.




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