Life……. funny eh?

I had an actual blog post planned for the day, and was going to write it about 6 tonight and have it up for the night because I won’t be posting until late tomorrow because it’s my birthday. I may even just write that post and schedule it for tomorrow….. but my plans always change. This blog post isn’t the typical blog post, this is just a question….. a outcry for others who want to dwell into God’s word and love like Jesus would. I want to start a bible study with an online group of girls maybe so we can become Proverbs 31 women…. or maybe just start a bible study group…. Comment below if you are interested. I’m interested in seeing how many people feel the same way I do. I promise I will have a normal blog post up either later tonight or scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve literally been looking at how to redecorate my room, making sure my Crosby is taken care of, and googling how to sleep / be a more calmer person…… Life today, y’all…. Xo.


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