Jesus loves me this I know.


Every morning lately, I haven’t been the best or most positive. Now you are probably thinking, why would anyone be positive in the morning? Well- when I think about how I would like to be, it gives me a sense of productivity. I remember when I was working in private homecare, I had a routine every morning. When I stopped that job due to so many things, my routine got to be lacking in a sense of ways. I always have this routine in my head that I want to implement, but I never do it. I always want to wake up with the sun, get my bible, and have quiet time with Jesus while drinking my morning coffee. I want to make my bed, write my blogs and eat a healthy breakfast……. but what happens? I hit the snooze button too many times, drink my morning coffee while watching the morning news in a hurry and then I don’t eat until around noon. Life happens. But you know what? God does not love me any less, or any more when I am productive in His word than when I am not. God’s love is unconditional and unwavering. Even when I fail, He is right beside me rooting for me to come back to Him and His word. One Easter, I was looking on Instagram, and at a local church of mine they had posted a picture with the saying of ” Jesus died the death I should’ve died, and I’m living the life Jesus should be living” or something of that sort…. and it made me think reallly hard………. I’m living this life, that He should be living… I sin every single day… I am a failure but not in His eyes. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a child of God. I am beautiful, I am precious. He made me in His eyes. As I sit in my room on my computer typing this while my dog is barking to go see the dog downstairs, I am also listening to Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin. That song. HOLY SONG OF SONGS. He is a good good father. He loves us no matter where we run to, just that we run back to Him in the end. Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so. We start learning and listening that song when we are little babies, and still to this day; it reigns true.. God’s love will never forsake us, or leave us. For He will love us like a Father should. We are children of God, and even when we fail He will always be a good good father and for that I am forever thankful for his love, mercy & His grace.



One thought on “Jesus loves me this I know.

  1. About a month ago, I was driving to the hospital because they were going to take the tracheotomy tube out of my grandma. I had to listen to something, anything and randomly picked this song. I remember barreling up the highway practically screaming this song because at that moment, it was all I had to hold onto. I’m sure that song is gonna stick with me for a long long time

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